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A Family of 9s


In a highly unexpected turn, I have built another bike this year. Well, maybe not that unlikely, but exciting for sure. Recently I took apart a bike I had owned for a couple of years. As things often go in the freelance design business, I was able to trade for a bike for some website…(Read More)

New Again!


Recently my brother was out hitting the yard sales in the little farm and ranch community outside Durango called Bayfield (or Baytucky, Greater Bay Area and Bayberry as the locals affectionately call it). My brothers and I graduated from this little town’s High School (my class had about 60 kids) and my brother, Brian…(Read More)

I have a couple of friends that were nice enough to give me a GoPro this last weekend. They knew I’d be excited, being an avid outdoors guy, a photographer and dabbling in video, but I was ecstatic.  I’ve wanted to play with one of these things for a while now and I…(Read More)

I wanted a bike that could do it all. A commuting, bikepacking, single track, mountain pass and fire road touring and anything in-between two wheeled beast. My solution? Take a frame from one of my favorite bike companies (Canfield Brothers) and slap on a build kit that would allow that kind of crazy range…(Read More)

Yes, I am putting together another Canfield Brothers Bike. This time it’s the Nimble 9. This will have to be part 1 of 2 regarding this particular build as I am waiting on a couple of parts and there is still snow on the ground in beautiful Southwest Colorado. But maybe it will give…(Read More)