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I’ve finally done it. About 8 months after starting this project, I’ve finally found the time to finish what I started. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been riding the heck out of this bike so far and it is certainly the coolest commuter I’ve ever had, but it was missing…(Read More)

I wanted a bike that could do it all. A commuting, bikepacking, single track, mountain pass and fire road touring and anything in-between two wheeled beast. My solution? Take a frame from one of my favorite bike companies (Canfield Brothers) and slap on a build kit that would allow that kind of crazy range…(Read More)

Yes, I am putting together another Canfield Brothers Bike. This time it’s the Nimble 9. This will have to be part 1 of 2 regarding this particular build as I am waiting on a couple of parts and there is still snow on the ground in beautiful Southwest Colorado. But maybe it will give…(Read More)